Basic Admin Tasks

Minimum One-Hour Commitment

Within same business week.

Flexibile - use when required




Monthly Plan

Max 48hr turnaround

Basic admin tasks

Hours cannot be carried over




Monthly Plan

Max 48hr turnaround

All tasks

Hours cannot be carried over

Packages starting from just £30

All packages can be tailored to your individual needs and budget. Let’s talk about the kind of support you need and how often you will need it.

I charge an hourly rate of £30, track my time, round up or down to the nearest 15 minutes and send you a time report with your invoice so you can see a full breakdown.

I’ve set a few examples of packages above, however, these can be tailored to suit the hours and support you need.

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Fast, Friendly Service

It’s easy to get started. Let’s schedule a time to talk, discuss your unique needs and a tailored package will be presented to you before any further decisions are made. Once you agree terms and payment options you’ll be guided through the onboarding process. Finding the best solution to get the most out of you and your business.
  • Vetted and background-checked professional
  • Fully compliant, registered with ICO
  • Professional Indemnity, Public Liability Insured
  • Friendly customer service
  • Affordable, upfront pricing
  • Confidential and discretion at all times
  • Collaborative and working best together