Helping you to build a profitable Business

Most business owners have more admin tasks than they can manage. Your VA Today can take those off of your hands and give you the time and freedom to focus on growing your business and doing what you do best!

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For someone like me who needs a prod when it comes to organising, I gave Helen a call
a call and she came to my home office, did a detox of my files and processes and streamlined everything. Timesaver !

Lesley James

With 25 Years Experience of Executive Support and Customer Relations

Your VA Today specialises in Executive Assistance, Marketing and Creative support for small to medium sized businesses.

Your VA was established in 2016 by Edinburgh native Helen Green with the aim to fulfill the backend support that business owners need.

Your VA primarily supports businesses who…..

1) don’t have the funds to pay for someone in-house

2) don’t have enough hours to give someone full-time work.

3) need to fill a short or medium term gap in their staffing to manage workload
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Why outsource?
Your Business Depends on Your Decisions

Time Management Solutions

Taking administrative tasks off your task list. Cutting down the work load – Making those lengthy “to do” lists more manageable for a day’s work.

Providing assistance wherever, whenever you need it.

Expert Consultants

Your right-hand person, here to help you grow your business and maximise your time.

Business Ideas

When I speak to business owners about what they want from an assistant, I hear that an entrepreneur today needs to be focused not just on delivering the product or project they are working on, but also focusing on growth and building client base, growing their business, perhaps even coming up with more business ideas.

Top-notch Support Services

Everything that I do has been thoughtfully designed around the needs of business owners. I’ve learned what those are from years of experience, and have used that expertise to create a modern working experience that breaks with convention and allows you to compete in the modern and ever evolving marketplace.

Helen is my VA and I use her on a varied basis. I'm a self employed consultant with a wide variety of client and personal needs, the adminstration of which I throw at Helen with little explanation or time - she handles all requests beautifully.
Mairi Mickel
Family Business Consultant